About us

1146610_542558922523987_980606797_n.jpg We proudly feature Diana’s Ceramic Lash Stand, created by professional lashmaker, Diana Rusakova, who  invented this novel design after growing frustrated at traditional application methods after four years in the  eyelash extensions industry. Passionate about finding the best eyelash extensions products and methods,  Diana has been trained by world-renowned lash masters. She currently works as a beauty trainer in Italy.


 After consulting other beauty professionals who struggled with prepping and taping lashes, Diana believed  there was a better way to organize and attach lash strips for faster, easier application. She put together this  patented, unique eyelash extension stand that manages to revolutionize the beauty industry.  After a series of experiments, Diana discovered that a ceramic surface is ideal for the lash strips. The idea of a simple, flat lash tile is improved even more by adding a 3-centimeter lash platform that helps you easily pick up lashes from your lash palette. With this top-quality and innovative design, lash stylists are able to extend customers’ eyelashes quickly and expertly.


Our aim is to promote the eyelash industry by helping new lash technicians and beauty stylists acquire the best techniques to apply eyelash extensions. Explore our site to find out how you can participate in this rapidly growing segment of the beauty industry and/or enhance your skills.


Committed to excellent customer service, we offer quick deliveries and competitive prices on our state-of-the-art Ceramic Lash Stand. We are dedicated to you having a great experience and a fantastic product when you shop at Diana’s. Contact us to learn how you can get started on applying fabulous lashes with superb technique today!